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Who is playing Bingo for free?

If you love playing bingo is it for the money or for the enjoyment of playing the game - or is it a bit of both?

The hypothesis goes that with Bingo, almost by tradition, people have been more interested in playing the game for its own sake rather than for the realistic possibility of making a steady profit as the odds are stacked against players more so than in other areas of gambling such as roulette or Blackjack etc. In other words, it makes little statistical sense to play and players have historically tended to match a certain socio-demographic profile that is more interested in the fun of the game and the opportunities for socialisation it brings.

But the big proviso here is that these players also enjoyed the ever-present possibility, at least, of a really large win.

Perhaps this is why the option of playing free bingo online has become so popular of late? Free Bingo is the fastest-growing area in the highly competitive online Bingo arena right now, with sites like UK-based Costa Bingo, 888, Grosvenor Bingo and others leading the trend.

But a recent survey conducted by Costa Bingo into the socio-demographic profile of today's typical online player showed that the profile is younger than most people imagined (though is still dominated by females).

Costa's survey revealed that only 9% of its players were 61 or over. The site's survey was in accord with a wider survey carried out which found the number of online Bingo players under 45 has grown by 66% over the last 10 years with, of course, far more people now playing online.

Costa Bingo's survey reflected these results, but also found that three out of every four players are women.

Whether Costa is typical of the wider market, though, is more difficult to judge. That's because the site is particularly 'big' on the world of free Bingo - where games are free to enter and players have the chance of landing a large jackpot without depositing extra money. In fact, the site is currently running a £100k free-to-enter jackpot game, which is a new world record for such a free-to-enter Bingo prize.

This is one of the UK's largest Bingo sites with at least 6,000 unique players playing each day. And it seems as if the big Bingo organisations are competing hard for the UK's Bingo business - and nowhere is this competition more fierce than in the battle for the country's free players.

Overall, what these stats seem to suggest is that today's slightly younger but predominantly female players still like playing Bingo for the sheer enjoyment of the game, but that they're also savvy enough not to look the proverbial gift horse in the mouth.

If all other things are held equal - would you rather play Bingo with or without the chance of a life-changing win?

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