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The festive season is a notoriously expensive time of the year and we are all dealing with some sort of family drama which makes us wish we could get away from it all. What if we told you it is possible? All you need to do is get involved in the exciting world of online lottery.

As one of the fastest growing industries in the world you will be amazed at how many entities there are out there claiming to offer guaranteed entry into a wide variety of international lottery games. While we would never go so far as to say that all of these individuals have less than honourable intentions, you do need to keep your wits about you. However, there is one online lottery vendor that we are happy to recommend so let's take a look at what sets apart from the rest.

The first thing that struck was the fact that they have nearly two decades' worth of experience in an industry that is notoriously hard to break into, never mind last in. If this doesn't show you that they know what they are doing not much will in our minds.

Playing the lottery online is all about having access to the biggest games which in turn allows you to win big and no one understands this more than PlayHugeLottos. With fifteen of the planet's most popular lottery games available in one place you really are spoiled for choice. Why not try your luck with EuroMillions for starters? Or you can go for the incredibly popular US Powerball or UK Lotto (for those who prefer having the odds stacked in their favour). Why not give it a try?

As the world becomes increasingly connected the need to understand one another over a number of boundaries has become more and more important. With that in mind, PlayHugeLottos offers customer support and language specific sites in thirteen different languages. Whether your mother tongue is French, Russian or Polish, you can win big without needing a translator at your side the entire time. If this doesn't sound like a global company, we don't know what does.

While knowing that you can win big with fifteen lottery games in thirteen languages is all fine and well, you also need to know that your personal and financial information will not end up in the wrong hands. With their state of the art 128-bit SSL encryption system you never have to worry about this ever again. Rather, you can focus on winning big. Good to know!

Finally, what really sets them apart for us is their commitment to breaking new ground. Their latest accolade is being the first online lottery vendor to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Yes, you can pay with your BitCoins, DogeCoins and LiteCoins - if you like.

We could keep going on or you could go and buy lottery tickets online and make up your own mind. We think you should do the latter.

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